Melting Point, Melting point as physical properties

Definition: The melting point of a substance is defined as the temperature at which the solid and liquid phases of the substances exit together under a pressure of 1 atm.

Is melting point physical or chemical property?

Melting point is a physical property because we can determine the melting point of a substance without changing its chemical composition.

Melting points of some materials/chemicals:

Materials/ChemicalsMelting PointMaterials/ChemicalsMelting Point
Aluminum660.3oCWater 0oC
Copper 1085oC Steel 1371-1537oC
Gold 1064oC Stainless steel 1510oC
Lead 327.5oC Benzoic acid 122.3oC
Iron1538oC Brass 927oC
Silver 961.8oC Glass 1400-1600oC
Tungsten 3422oC Sodium Chloride / NaCl 801oC
Titanium 1668oC Plastics 160-270oC
Tin 231.9oC Ethanol– 114.1oC
Platinum 1768oC Methanol – 97.6oC
Zinc 419.5oC Diamond 4027oC
Gallium 29.76oC Graphite>3600oC
Bismuth 271.4oC Caffeine 227-228oC
Magnesium650oC Carbon 3550oC
Mercury – 38.83oC Aspirin135oC
Potassium63.5oC Ice 0oC
Lithium 180.5oC Solder 90-400oC
Indium156.6 oC Acetanilide 114.3oC
Cobalt1495oC Bronze 913-977oC
Acetophenone20.2oC Hydrochloric acid / HCl – 114.2oC
Acetone-95oC Hexane – 96 to -94oC
Calcium Oxide / CaO 2572oC Salicylic acid 158.6oC
Coconut oil 25oC Magnesium Oxide2852oC
Cyclohexane 6.5oC Silicone 1414oC
Chocolate30-32oC Sodium hydroxide318oC
Neon -248.6oC Napthalene80.26oC
Oxygen -218.8oC Beeswax60-65oC
Silicone 1414oC Carbon dioxide / CO2 – 56.65oC
Sodium bicarbonate 3000oC Sugar 186oC
Sodium97.79oC Acetic acid 118oC
Sucrose160-186oC Methane – 182oC
Butter 32oC HDEP 125oC
Wax / Paraffin wax46- 68oC Nylon/ Nylon 66 268.8oC
Pewter 170-230oC PLA 170-180oC
Polypropylene 160oC PVC/ Polyvinyl Chloride 100-260oC
Table showing melting point of some of the materials/chemicals


Which metal has the highest melting point?

Tungsten metal has the highest melting point among all the metals. Tungsten’s melting point is 3,422 °C( 6,192 °F).

Which metal has the lowest melting points?

Mercury metal has the lowest melting point Its melting point is -38.83 °C.

Do ionic compounds have high melting points? or Which compounds have high melting points?

Ions are held together by the strong electrostatic force of attraction in ionic compounds and the crystal of such compounds are packed closely, hence high energy is required to make the ions free/mobile. Therefore, ionic compounds have high melting points as well as boiling points.

How to determine the melting point of a compound?

The melting point of a compound can be determined using Thiele’s tube, filled with paraffin oil (in most cases) fitted with a thermometer. Here, one end of the capillary tube is made closed, and small amount of sample is filled. The capillary tube loaded with the sample is fitted with the thermometer in Thiele’s tube and the heat is applied. Temperature is noted when the sample starts to melt.

What is the melting point of aluminum?

The melting point of aluminum is 660.3oC .

What is the melting point of water?

The melting point of water is 0oC.

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